Tuesday, April 6, 2010

From today

Things are just moving moving today!

Kent built me a window seat! well I am assuming it may be used more by Hendrix and Jaxson, but its um sturdy enough for the whole family to sit on I think! LOL

I finally got to put together all the tile for the kitchen back splash.. and I LOVE it! They really arent that red, they are more browns.. of course.

Hendrix lent daddy I hand in making his holder for his cable, he got quite into it.. we may have to get him back down there!

We are getting there..

Slower than molasses.. FINALLY we got a great Roof quote today.. so thats getting started.. and the framing is almost all done :) YAY.. we got our bathtub... ooohhh.

Its a bit like this... I cant wait!

We also chose our oven and range top ...

I also decided we may go with this kind of counter

granite? Maybe? :)

Current timeline.. 4-6 weeks til cabinets are in :)