Thursday, March 18, 2010

Things are moving.. well we are at least!

OK so we moved into 500 sq ft last weekend.. and let me tell you its a blast... ok well maybe not a blast but these kids, dogs, laundry on split levels keep me busy!

We have invested in lots of storage from Ikea and soon I will get pictures up of all of that.. once its all clean :) if that ever happens..

As far as the house.. its seen lots of vendors coming and going, Ac, Electric, Plumbing.. still need to decide on a roofer to get the leaks fixed :( but so far we are good to go.. we can probably start sheet rocking next week! Thats when it will all sink in! so crazy!

The AC monster.. this thing is CRAZY its the size of my kitchen!

As Hendrix would say "its a messsss!" its a good mess though :)

My kitchen :) one day

This is actually all up in the ceiling now.. ill have to get more pics soon.

Spring in Scottsland!

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