Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2 days left...

2 days til closing and Im officially not sure I am ready to move.. ok well I am ready to move.. I want chickens and land and lots of space to watch these boys run and play.. but the change.. thats what I am not ready for :( This is the home K and I made, its the home that we bought our babies home to, we changed the floors, re did the kitchen, built a pergola.. kinda.. we made it OUR home. There are so many memories here, and I know they will all go with us, they are all listed here on the interwebs somewhere on some other blog, but it makes me sad that neither of my boys will remember HOME or at least our first HOME, the best part is we are really moving up and maybe they wont even care about this house, I mean the new house will be much cooler, and great for inquiring little boys to figure out :)

*sigh* I will pack up pictures today make our house a shell for the next person, while knowing that I cant WAIT to unpack them into our new home :)

I will upload a pic of this house later.. can you believe I cant find one! LOL

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